Senate Panel to Hold Common Core ‘Fact-Finding’ Sessions

News release from Senate Republican Caucus:
NASHVILLE, Tenn.) – Senate Education Committee Chairman Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville) confirmed today that the Senate Education Committee will hold meetings in late summer or early fall to review facts regarding the state’s Common Core Standards. Gresham said the Committee will hear from critics from all ends of the political spectrum regarding concerns with the standards as well as gather testimony from proponents and state education officials.
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSS0). Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have adopted the standards. Several states, however, have recently announced they are reevaluating them.
“These are fact-finding meetings,” said Senator Gresham. “Some parents and teachers have voiced concerns that we need to look at. It is also important that we review the progress of this program, including the latest test results. In addition, I want to evaluate how the standards might have affected state and local control.”
In Tennessee, the decision to adopt Common Core State Standards was made by Governor Phil Bredesen and the State Board of Education in July 2010. The State Board of Education is the governing and policy-making body for the Tennessee system of public elementary and secondary education. Since that time, school districts in Tennessee have phased in use of the Common Core State Standards for math and English language arts.
“It is very important that we have high academic standards to give our students the skills they need to compete in an increasingly global economy,” said Senator Gresham. “At the same time, I firmly believe that education is a state and local function and we must always work to ensure that we have the autonomy necessary to best serve the interest of Tennessee students. We will look at all the factors as we review how this program is serving our students and helping us reach our academic goals.”
Senator Gresham represents Senate District 26 which is comprised of Chester, Decatur, Fayette, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, McNairy, and Henderson Counties. She and her husband, Will, live on a farm in Somerville, Tennessee.

6 thoughts on “Senate Panel to Hold Common Core ‘Fact-Finding’ Sessions

  1. WeThePeople

    This will end up being a dog an pony show. Especially when many of the members of both the House and Senate Education Committee’s get a lot of funding from Students First and TEA all strongly in favor of Common Core. This will end up being a SHAM. No member of the education committee should EVER accept campaign contributions from education agencies. That is a total conflict of interest. Sorry people but these people are bought and paid for and our children have been sold up the river. The truth is already out there. Is this woman so ignorant that she cannot see already what has taken place.

  2. Karen Bracken

    I agree Tennessee was in the tank when it came to education performance but was it the standards or was it something else? They never took the time to figure out what the problem actually was. And why after all the years of bad performance did they decide to take on new standards? Standards that were never piloted or tested. Gov. Bredesen agreed to these standards sight unseen. Sorry Sen. Gresham but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a special hearing to understand what took place in TN and 44 other states+DC. Our Governor and our elected officials sold our children to the highest bidder. This article makes it sound like only the Governor and state school board was culpable in this facade. Sen. Gresham co-sponsored the bill that set RTTT in motion. Did she or anyone else ever take the time to read the RTTT application? Did anyone ever ask to see the new standards or the question the database that had to undertaken? No you did not. And if you did there was nothing to see….the standards you agree to were not yet written. It clearly stated new standards were to be adopted along with a database to further track every move our children make. This data base will also track the family and the teachers. So lets step up and shoulder the blame along with the rest of the guilty. Were you even aware that the FERPA regulations were changed that will now allow schools to share data with the federal government and many other 3rd party agencies and companies? I would say NO because the TN BOE website still insists our children’s privacy is protected under FERPA. NCLB waivers also required the states to align their standards with Common Core. That is not state led. That is federal coercion!!! If you were so concerned with improving standards you could have gone to MA and used their exceptional standards. Oh but why would you do that…..there was no money attached in doing that. We in TN see what happened with RTTT and Common Core. And we will make sure it gets repealed or a lot of elected officials will be replaced in 2014/2016.

  3. Jane Madison

    Absolutely right! This will be simply a formality to make the “public” (i.e., the people who pay ALL the bills and the legislators’ salaries, pensions, etc.) think that we actually have a say in the education of OUR children! These people have been bribed. They are part of the ruling class and know they will have a free ride on the backs of the tax-payers (only 49% of us!)

  4. Observer43

    And the Governor should not accept any contributions from Corporations, the Insurance Industry or anyone with Business Interests because he rammed through “capping damage awards” and “Workers Comp limitations” when those big business interests that kill and mame real people are found guilty. It is funny how people pick their issues and ignore others.

  5. Nancy

    Bredeson and members of state board should have to complete the PARCC or SBA and the results should be publicized. If these assessments are so fabulous and give such good info on career and college prep, then let’s see how ready these folks are for career and college. I am a teacher….let me teach. These extra assessments are not needed nor do I have time for them. Stop experimenting on kids.

  6. Trish Gaskins

    I’m not the brightest bulb so I have read everything I can get my hands on about CC. As I see it, this is bribery by Feds to take control of each State’s Education goals.
    Even I know that if Bill Ayers, a known terrorist turned college professor, progressive globalist, had a big hand in the origination of Common Core, can NOT be good for America. Also, as I understand it, the Math that this system is pushing would preclude most students from ever learning the higher math that it takes to enter college, much less, become our future scientists and engineers. Students would never be able to pass calculus, at all. Of course, this means Chinese, Russian, Indian students will stand ready to take over our highest paying jobs…Down with America! And, of course, instead of reading the classics in Language Arts, after they’ve read all the tech manuals required by CC, will never develop love for good books (our history, constitution, etc) so right brains will atrophy….so that artsy Romance countries can step in and help the only broadcast channels that will be allowed in a few years (PBS, NPR, IPR)….
    It is designed as Federal Education tool to choose, from an early age, which students are ‘fit’ for college. Don’t know that I would have been allowed my two degrees. This is a communistic, collective, statist approach on decisions ONLY parents and students, themselves, should make. CC, to me, represents too much testing and not enough old fashioned learning!….These points are most important to me…One more very important point; we need to get more local education board members and commissioners onboard whose decisions actually reflect those of constituents.
    Lastly, as I understand it, teachers will be paid based on merit. Sounds good until you think this idea through; CC statistics can be manipulated to deny merit pay (individually or collectively) by education boards.
    This whole experiment called CC is to start the indoctrination process of our children as early as preschool and kindergarten…sad.

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