Bills Signed by the Governor, 5/17/2013

Here is a list of bills recently signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as released by his office May 17, 2013:
Senate Bill No. 63 (Yager, Haile)
This bill requires the Dept. of Finance & Administration to monitor the pharmacy benefits manager’s compliance with any state pharmacy benefits management contract.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 91-0)
Senate Bill No. 88 (Finney, Kelsey, Ford)
This bill requires the Dept. of Education to review all measures that are in place to prevent breaches in the security of standardized tests administered in public schools.
(Passed Senate 33-0; Passed House 92-0.

Senate Bill No. 122 (Ketron)
This bill prohibits members of the TN Housing Development Agency from having any financial interest in any housing development financed or assisted by the agency.
(Passed Senate 32-0; Passed House 96-0)
Senate Bill No. 157 (Norris)
This bill enhances the accountability provisions for virtual public schools, sets the cap on enrollment in those schools, and allows the commissioner to direct the LEA to close the school if the school demonstrates a performance level of “significantly below expectations” for three consecutive years.
(Passed Senate 27-2; Passed House 66-29)
Senate Bill No. 170 (Norris, Ketron)
This bill rewrites the state’s procurement laws.
(Passed Senate 29-0; Passed House 92-5)
Senate Bill No. 176 (Norris, Tracy, Bowling, Haile, Stevens)
This bill gives the Dept. of Human Services more authority to investigate fraud in the food assistance program administered by the department.
(Passed Senate 30-0; Passed House 96-1)
Senate Bill No. 399 (Southerland, Ford)
This bill requires all changeable highway message signs installed by the state after July 1, 2014, to come equipped with a light sensing device that adjusts the brightness in correlation with light conditions.
(Passed Senate 29-1; Passed House 86-5)
Senate Bill No. 408 (Beavers)
This bill alters the boundary between Davidson and Wilson counties.
(Passed Senate 29-0; Passed House 95-1)
Senate Bill No. 713 (Stevens, Bowling, Henry)
This bill makes various changes and additions to the Tennessee’s trust laws.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 79-0)
Senate Bill No. 728 (Watson)
This bill allows the trustees of deferred compensation plans for state and local governments to contract for investment management, professional, and consultant services.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 92-0)
Senate Bill No. 745 (Massey, Beavers, Bowling, Campfield, Ford, Harper, Gresham, Yager)
This bill states that if a physician determines from a mammogram that a patient has dense breasts, the facility shall provide explicit notice to the patient of the results of the mammogram.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 90-0)
Senate Bill No. 747 (Massey)
This bill allows a beer manufacturer to hold a license as a “limited service restaurant” for purposes of selling for consumption off the premises beer manufactured at the location or at any other restaurant owned by the same owner.
(Passed Senate 22-7; Passed House 74-16)
Senate Bill No. 1145 (Green, Bowling, Gardenhire, Yager)
This bill states that no navigator shall sell, solicit or negotiate any policy of insurance either within or outside of a health care exchange.
(Passed Senate 28-1; Passed House 87-0)
Senate Bill No. 1215 (Green, Bowling, Campfield)
This bill requires each local and county board of education to annually file written policies adopted by the board to impose disciplinary sanctions on students who electronically transmit threats of bodily injury to other students or school employees.
(Passed Senate 32-0; Passed House 89-1)
Senate Bill No. 459 (Yager, Massey, Henry, Burks, Kelsey, Overbey)
This bill enacts the Safe Harbor Act of 2013.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 97-0)
Senate Bill No. 496 (Gresham, Ford)
This bill requires local education agencies, at the request of DCS, to provide the department all school records for a child in custody of the department or receiving foster care services.
(Passed Senate 32-0; Passed House 92-1)
Senate Bill No. 529 (McNally, Burks, Yager)
This bill states that nurse practitioners and physician assistants shall not prescribe certain controlled substances unless the prescriptions are approved by the supervising physicians.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 91-0)
Senate Bill No. 547 (Bell)
This bill prohibits the display of messages in support of or opposition to a referendum on a sign owned by an LEA or on an LEA-owned building.
(Passed House 91-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
Senate Bill No. 590 (Johnson)
This bill allows a wholesalers liquor license to be issued to additional entities under certain circumstances.
(Passed Senate 21-7; Passed House 56-22)
Senate Bill No. 620 (Norris)
This bill directs the Dept. of Revenue to study the establishment of a program for the sale of nonrefundable gift vouchers that may be redeemed toward the fee for specialty motor vehicle registration plates.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 94-1)
Senate Bill No. 623 (Norris)
This bill replaces references to the Liaison Council on Certification for the Surgical Technologist with references to the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting.
(Passed Senate 30-0; Passed House 95-0)
Senate Bill No. 749 (Massey)
This bill provides that the disability of a parent seeking custody does not create a presumption for or against awarding custody, but it may be considered a factor.
(Passed House 90-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
Senate Bill No. 860 (Tate)
This bill allows eligible petitioners to file a petition for the expunction of that person’s public records involving the crime.
(Passed House 91-1; Passed Senate 26-1)
Senate Bill No. 867 (Gresham)
This bill provides that an LEA may grant release time to a professional employee to hold office as a representative of a local professional employees’ organization.
(Passed House 78-13; Passed Senate 30-0)
Senate Bill No. 891 (Hensley)
This bill makes various revisions to Tennessee’s asset forfeiture procedures.
(Passed House 95-0; Passed Senate 28-0)
Senate Bill No. 922 (Haile)
This bill prohibits the Dept. of Education, the State Board of Education, local boards of education, and the local education agencies from hiring individuals who have been found to have committed child abuse.
(Passed Senate 33-0; Passed House 88-0)
Senate Bill No. 1053 (Kelsey)
This bill deletes a requirement that the trier of fact must specify, on an annual basis, the amount of future damages and the periods over which such future damages will accrue.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 92-0)
Senate Bill No. 1127 (Yager, Finney, Ford)
This bill revises the Adventure Tourism and Rural Development Act of 2011.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 92-0)
Senate Bill No. 1319 (Dickerson)
This bill specifies that calling or emailing a person constitutes a good faith effort to notify the person prior to the utility being disconnected under the Utilities’ Cut-Off Procedures Act, which only applies in Davidson County.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 96-0)
Senate Bill No. 1320 (Dickerson)
This bill permits a county election commission, under certain circumstances, to consolidate one or more polling places from one or more precincts for a municipal election.
(Passed Senate 27-0; Passed House 95-0)
Senate Bill No. 1346 (Yager)
This bill states that delinquent taxes on property that was damaged as a result of the coal ash spill in December 2008 shall not be subject to the penalty provided in the code but shall only accrue interest from the delinquency date of the respective tax year at the composite prime rate as of the delinquency date, minus two points.
(Passed Senate 30-0; Passed House 93-0)

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