Bills Signed by the Governor, 4/23/13

A list of bills recently signed by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by his communications office:
April 19
HB 80
This bill decreases the per diem that a member of the general assembly whose principal place of residence is 50 miles or less from the capitol may receive and increases the number of days that such members may receive a mileage allowance.
(Passed House 72-15; Passed Senate 28-2)
HB 128
This bill requires, rather than permits as it stands under current law, that restitution to the victim be paid by the defendant for the offenses of patronizing prostitution, trafficking for commercial sex acts, solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes, and enlisting or paying a minor to engage in child pornography.
(Passed House 97-0; Passed Senate 32-0)

HB 155
This Administration bill enacts the Tennessee Governmental Accountability Act of 2013 as a new approach to measuring the strategic functions and operations of each department in order for the state government to operate more efficiently and effectively.
(Passed House 93-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
HB 182
This is an administration bill for the DOT.
(Passed House 68-22; Passed Senate 26-4, present not voting – 1)
HB 191
This Administration bill gives the Tennessee Regulatory Authority the authority to implement alternative regulatory methods to allow for public utility rate reviews and cost recovery in lieu of a general rate case and proceeding before the authority.
(Passed House 98-0; Passed Senate 29-1)
HB 197
This bill creates the Successor Corporation Asbestos-Related Liability Fairness Act.
(Passed House as Amended 91-2; Amended Bill Passed Senate 27-2, present not voting – 2)
HB 225
This bill amends the current nuisance statute to re-define the term “nuisance” to include any place in which the sale or possession with intent to sale drug paraphernalia is carried on or permitted.
(Passed House 96-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
HB 301
This bill creates a special account in the state treasury to be known as the Tennessee Civil War or War Between the States site preservation fund.
(Passed House as Amended 95-0; Amended Bill Passed Senate 30-0)
HB 348
This bill permits a county by resolution and a municipality by ordinance to restrict children from participating in soliciting or collecting money at a highway or street intersection.
(Passed House 81-5; Passed Senate 29-0)
HB 534
This bill states that no state higher education institution shall discriminate against or deny recognition to a student organization, or deny to a student organization access to programs, funding, or facilities otherwise available to another available to another student organization on the basis of religious content of the organization’s speech.
(Passed House 75-21; Passed Senate 30-0)
HB 544
This is the Hospital Assessment Fee bill.
(Passed House 89-5; Passed Senate 30-0)
HB 742
This bill provides that victims of trafficking for commercial sex acts and patronizing prostitution who are thirteen (13) years old or younger may, under certain circumstances, testify outside the courtroom by closed circuit television.
(Passed House 97-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
HB 809
This bill extends the sunset date of the Department of Economic and Community Development to June 30, 2017.
(Passed House 97-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
HB 837
This bill extends the sunset date of the film, entertainment and music commission to June 30, 2014.
(Passed House 94-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
HB 1019
This bill states that physician orders for scope of treatment (“POST”) may be issued by a physician for a patient with whom the physician has a bona fide physician-patient relationship.
(Passed House as Amended 95-1; Amended Bill Passed Senate 28-0)
HB 1050
This bill adds persons who :physically possess or control” a dependent and neglected child to an existing list of whom must be unavailable to protect the child before the child may be detatined.
(Passed House 96-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
HB 1343
This bill enacts a hotel/motel tax in Macon County, subject to the locals approving it.
(Passed House 73-5; Passed Senate 29-0)
HB 1347
This bill allows the local legislative body of the City of Spencer to pass resolutions by one meeting and one reading, instead of two.
(Passed House 90-0; Passed Senate 29-0)
HB 1349
This bill, subject to local approval, rewrites the charter of the City of Columbia, Tennessee.
(Passed House 90-0; Passed Senate 29-0)
SB 2
This bill names bridges at the Midtown interchange on Interstate-40 in Roane County.
(Passed House 90-0; Passed Senate 33-0)
SB 113
This bill specifies that a student may be excused from disciplinary action if the student is determined, after an investigation, to have acted in self-defense under a reasonable belief that the student or another to whom the student was coming to the defense of, may have been facing the threat of imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury, which the student honestly believed to be real at that time.
(Passed House 89-1; Passed Senate 32-0)
SB 131
This bill requires that on vehicles that are factory equipped to illuminate the registration plate, the registration plate must be illuminated at all times that the headlights are illuminated.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Amended Bill Passed House 63-34; Senate concurred in House Amendment)
SB 222
This bill authorizes a punitive damages award against a defendant based on vicarious liability for the acts or omissions of an agent or employee of the defendant.
(Passed House 95-0; Passed Senate 25-3, present not voting – 3)
SB 240
This bill provides if any of public schools established under the jurisdiction of an LEA are members of an organization establishes or maintains eligibility requirements for home school students desiring to participate in interscholastic athletics at a member school, then the LEA must permit participation in interscholastic athletics at those school by home school students who satisfy the eligibility requirements established by the organization.
(Amended Bill Passed House 69-24; Passed Senate 31-0, Senate concurred in House Amendment)
SB 395
This bill redefines “all-terrain vehicles” for adventure tourism to include motorized vehicles with specific widths, rather than motorized vehicles with seats or saddles and handlebars for steering control.
(Passed House 88-0; Passed Senate 33-0)
SB 542
This bill amends the definition of bigamy and increases the fine to $5,000.
(Passed House 89-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
SB 578
This bill extends the date for state agencies, universities and community colleges that have state owned motor vehicles fleets to develop and implement plans to increase the state’s use of alternative fuels, synthetic lubricants, and fuel-efficient or low-emission vehicles to Jan. 1, 2015.
(Passed Senate 33-0; Amended Bill Passed House 85-6, Senate concurred in House Amendment)
SB 834
This bill adds personal, non-government issued, email addresses to the types of information of public employees, and applicants to such positions that must be treated as confidential and not open to public inspection.
(Passed House 93-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
SB 841
This bill authorizes the OZ facility in Davidson County to serve and sell alcoholic beverages for on premises consumption.
(Passed House 62-19; Passed Senate 32-7)
SB 906
This bill revises various provisions related to election law.
(Passed House 76-13; Passed Senate 24-6)
SB 955
This bill requires healthcare practitioners and their licensing boards to undertake certain actions when a practitioner is under state or federal indictment involving the sale or dispensing of controlled substances.
(Passed House 92-0; Passed Senate 33-0)
SB 1020
This bill amends the Tennessee Banking Act pertaining to the limitations on a bank for holding real property, acquired by a bank to satisfy or protect a loan previously made by the bank.
(Passed House 96-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
SB 1048
This bill allows an existing licensed and operating nursing home, which has been operated as part of a continuing care retirement community that offers long term care, may relocate 30 or fewer of its licensed beds to a new, separately licensed nursing home which will operate as part of a continuing care retirement community subject to certain conditions.
(Passed House 89-0; Passed Senate 33-0)
SB 1201
This bill changes two definitions that currently exist in the code to authorize the collection of certain charges by health care providers for the voluntary provision of health care services when forwarded to a sponsoring organization.
(Passed House 84-7; Passed Senate 32-0)
SB 1218
This bill revises the names of various committees in statutory references to conform to rule changes adopted by the house and the senate.
(Passed House 90-0; Passed Senate 30-0)

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