List of Some New Stuff in Next Year’s State Budget

By the Associated Press
Here is a look at some of the new items included in Republican Gov. Bill Haslam’s $32.8 billion annual spending plan:
— $577 million in building and maintenance projects.
— $350 million for TennCare inflation and for increased enrollment under federal health care law.
— $126 million for jail payments, prison construction and corrections medical contracts.
— $105 million for pay increases and adjustments for state employees.
— $102 million for economic development grants and film incentives.
— $77 million for the K-12 education funding formula.
— $52 million for information technology for school districts.
— $50 million for higher education.
— $46 million for state employee health insurance.
— $22 million to pay for a 0.25 percent reduction in the sales tax on groceries.
— $19 million to reduce the inheritance tax.

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