Despite Haslam Opposition, Republicans Back Welfare Bill

Despite being told that Gov. Bill Haslam is now flatly opposed to a bill that would cut welfare benefits to parents of children failing in school, Republican legislators unanimously backed the measure in a House committee on Tuesday.
Luke Ashley, a Haslam legislative liaison, told members of the House Government Operations Committee that the governor “disagrees with the legislation and would consider vetoing it if it comes to his desk.”
Haslam’s new position marks a change of heart for his administration, which had previously declared itself neutral on the bill (HB261) through the Department of Human Services after it was revised with amendments.
The amendments, worked out with sponsors and DHS officials, say the reduction in Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits can be restored if a parent signs a failing child up for tutoring, attends two parent-teacher conferences, attends an eight-hour parenting class or attends a special summer school session.
Ashley said Haslam now has “philosophical differences” with the bill, even as amended. He said the governor officially informed staff of the position change on Monday, the same day Haslam told reporters he has misgivings about the measure.

2 thoughts on “Despite Haslam Opposition, Republicans Back Welfare Bill

  1. Nicolle

    Nothing wakes up the people like a hungry child. He’s a coward for waiting this long but he can still come out of this better than he started. If he gets it stopped – he looks human – if he vetoes it – he looks strong taking the crazies on head on. If he’s overridden – Dems just sit back and watch the self destruction. Two of three possible outcomes benefit Haslam.

  2. Rebekah Becky Majors-Manley

    Aren’t these the same people who complain that they do not want the government “controlling their lives”- I listened to right wing radio Sunday while cleaning some trash-junk out of my garage so I thought I would have a few good laughs listening to trash radio too. I seriously cannot believe these idiots are getting paid by the taxpayers to come up with this crap! OMG_ ONLY in backwards TN- they keep giving TN a very bad name and reputation keeping BUSINESS and money out of our state. Who the heck wants to come to such a state with such a reputation- Get a clue people!!!

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