Manicures a Bipartisan Matter

While disagreeing on many things, Democratic Rep. Joe Armstrong and Sen. Stacey Campfield, both Knoxvillians, are united on the matter of manicures for people who can’t leave their homes.
Here’s how Campfield described the SB491 when presenting it on the Senate floor last week:
“This landmark piece of jobs legislation was brought to me by my House sponsor and will help tear off the yoke of oppressive government regulation by allowing mobile manicurists the ability to give manicures and pedicures to caregivers and custodians for those who are disabled or homebound.”
The measure passed the Senate unanimously and appears headed toward the same result in the House with Armstrong as sponsor.
It provides a new exception to state law that requires manicurists to operate out of a fixed location, allowing them to serve those who are unable to leave their homes or those caring for such people.

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