Obama Re-nominates Marilyn Brown to TVA Board; Alexander & Corker Not Happy

Angering Tennessee’s two Republican senators, President Barack Obama again wants Senate consideration of energy efficiency expert Marilyn Brown for a full term on the TVA board of directors, reports Paul Barton of Gannett’s Washington bureau.
The nomination, sent to Capitol Hill Thursday night, comes more than two months after Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker used Senate procedures to block Obama’s previous attempt to appoint her to a six-year term.
Brown, who came to the board in 2010 to fill out the a vacated term and served through the end of 2012, is widely recognized for her expertise in energy efficiency and other “sustainable” energy policies. She teaches in Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy after formerly working for the Department of Energy at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
“This is another example of the Obama White House not listening,” Alexander said in a statement Friday.
“I told the White House in advance that the TVA board needs a nominee with a better understanding of the relationship between low electricity rates and better jobs in the Tennessee Valley. The Senate now has the responsibility to exercise its constitutional role of advice and consent on the nominee.”
Corker was even more critical.
“TVA needs leaders who enthusiastically support the mission of producing economical electricity and have an abiding appreciation of its important economic development role and impact on the well-being of Valley residents,” he said.
“Unfortunately, during my discussions with Dr. Brown, it was clear she does not share that point of view.”

One thought on “Obama Re-nominates Marilyn Brown to TVA Board; Alexander & Corker Not Happy

  1. Jess Worthington

    I have known Marilyn and her husband for many years. I worked both Marilyn and her husband at ORNL. Marilyn is one of the most level headed and intelligent people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. I don’t know what Corker and Alexander’s agenda is, but obviously they are not willing to share it publicly. I do not believe either of our elected, so called, leaders is anywhere near her level of intelligence It certainly appears they they have a crony they want to provide a job for and will be indebted to them.

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