Senators Delay Wine-in-Groceries to Cut a Deal

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A proposal to allow local referendums on whether grocery stores should be able to sell wine has been delayed in its final Senate committee to consider several changes desired by groups newly interested in negotiating over the measure.
A special subcommittee was appointed on Tuesday to work out a final version of the bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro. A full Senate Finance Committee vote was rescheduled for next week.
Among the issues supporters want to hammer out is whether the bill should also allow liquor stores to sell beer, which hours wine would be available for sale and the exact start date of supermarket wine sales after it is approved by voters and w.
The bill has been opposed by liquor wholesalers and package store owners.

One thought on “Senators Delay Wine-in-Groceries to Cut a Deal

  1. Harry

    This is embarrassing! That Tennessee is held in the stone age by a body of politicians who are no doubt receiving support from the Tennessee Package Store Lobby. We urge all Tennesseans to call their State Senators and demand a reason for their vote against the bill.
    It makes no sense that when we vacation in other states that we can go into a grocery store to buy food for a meal and also pick-up a bottle of wine to go along with that planned meal.
    Tennessee allows people to carry a gun to work as long as they leave it in their vehicles. Tennessee lawmakers will not allow you to buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store.
    It’s past time for Tennessee to stop being the leader of the Red Neck Society.

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