School Chief Sees Vouchers, Charter Schools Lowering Property Values

If state legislators agree to expand the charter school and voucher systems in Tennessee, property owners in Williamson County will likely see a decline in the value of their home, according to the director of the county school system via The Tennessean.
At a Thursday evening event hosted by the Williamson County Democratic Party, Mike Looney, superintendent of Williamson County Schools, emphasized the relationship between home values and a thriving public school system.
If taxpayer dollars are diverted from the district in support of charter schools, suggested Looney, a suffering school district will be suffered by homeowners.
“Your home values and my home value will decline,” Looney said. “In Williamson County, your home values are directly correlated to the value of public schools. People move to Williamson County because of the quality of public schools, and that is fragile.”

One thought on “School Chief Sees Vouchers, Charter Schools Lowering Property Values

  1. Eric H

    So if the Williamson County schools are so great, nobody there would take advantage of their free choice to use a voucher and try something different, right?
    And since the voucher bill is restricted to only certain kinds of students- that is, they are enrolled in a school ranking in the bottom 5% academically and on free or reduced price lunch – is Looney really trying to say that is the representation of the majority of Williamson County schools? Withdrawing the bottom 5% of students is going to ruin the reputation of the public school system that no longer has them?

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