If you’re looking for some TN political commentary…..

Here are a few examples of Tennesseans with opinions and observations, recently available online and collected in rather random looking, about this, that or the other.
President Bill Haslam? The Tennessean collects Washington commentary on the matter. Heslam is a “solutions-oriented conservative” and a “conservative pragmatist.” But, well,that might not make everybody in the GOP happy.
.Under the headline, “Drinking the Hemlock Kool-Aid,” Trent Siebert critiques the 2008 decision to give big incentives to the company’s Clarksville company and that “there seems to be little desire from current Gov. Bill Haslam, a Republican, to see if taxpayer money can be saved.”
Sen. Lamar Alexander is running hard for reelection at age 72, determined not to be this year’s version of Richard Lugar or Bob Bennett (which seems highly unlikely), observes Frank Cagle.
George Korda has no respect for anonymous commenters. “They’re either scared or they would be embarrassed if they identified themselves. It’s that or they themselves believe their comments are so insipid they don’t want their names associated with them.”
Robert Houk, after listening to the Tennessee Hospital Association’s explanation of what Medicaid expansion would mean, says “doing the math shouldn’t be that much of a head-scratcher for GOP lawmakers. But it will.” (The Commercial Appeal, editorially, pretty much agrees with him.)
“Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Paul Smith moved last month to kick from the party’s board members who leak details to the media, criticize party operations or publicly question his performance as chairman. Chris Carroll reports.
State Democratic Chairman Roy Herron says being a Christian and a Democrat just go together. The op-ed piece, which hit the “most popular” list on the newspaper’s website, is HERE.
Otis Sanford on the Great Parks-Naming Controversy in Memphis: “Let’s sell the naming rights to these parks and make some money on this deal.” HERE. But did anybody notice there’s something missing in the debate?

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