Democrats Plan House Floor Fight Over ‘Guns in Cars’ Amendments

News release from House Democratic Caucus
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh was joined today by members of the House Democratic Caucus at a press conference to discuss upcoming amendments to HB118, the ‘Guns in Parking Lots’ bill sponsored by Rep. Faison in the House and Speaker Ramsey in the Senate.
“We know the majority wants to pass this bill and pass it quickly,” said Leader Fitzhugh. “It’s made a mad dash through the Senate and the House, in some cases coming out of committee in less than six minutes. That’s why we’re here today previewing the amendments and laying out our concerns.”
Leader Fitzhugh has introduced seven amendments to the bill. These amendments would protect private property rights and promote public safety while still preserving the rights of handgun permit holders to carry their firearms with them.

· Amendment 7–Posting
Amendment rewrites the bill. Under this amendment, handgun carry permit holders are permitted to carry their gun anywhere in the state, unless otherwise posted.
· Amendment 8–Kyle Amendment
o Directs the department of safety to develop a procedure whereby businesses may seek a waiver from this bill.
· Amendment 9
o Classifies as “verbal assault” an altercation in which a person makes reference to a gun stored in a car on or near the parking area of the property. This would be a class E felony if a gun is not subsequently found in the referenced vehicle and a class D felony if a gun is subsequently found in the referenced vehicle.
· Amendment 10
o States that long-term parking areas–defined here as a parking lot designed for cars to be left for 36 or more hours–are not subject to this bill and instead preserves the right of the property owner to post.
· Amendment number 11–Education
o Exempts elementary schools, colleges and universities, vocational and technology centers, pre-schools and daycares from the bill.
· Amendment 12–People
o Exempts state prisons, local jails, alcohol and drug treatment centers, mental health institutions, hospitals and nursing homes from the bill.
· Amendment 13–Jobs
o Exempts unemployment offices from the bill.
“We are very concerned with the preoccupation the majority party has with guns,” said Leader Fitzhugh. “We still have high unemployment, a huge decision looming on health care and radical changes coming left and right to our education system, yet the majority party has chosen to make this their top priority and marquee issue. There is a fundamental disconnect between the majority party and the people of Tennessee.”

3 thoughts on “Democrats Plan House Floor Fight Over ‘Guns in Cars’ Amendments

  1. Steve Tapp

    I’m sitting here wondering why this Fitzhugh dope, who represents a rural district (by MY standards, and I’ve lived up that way), would shoot Democrats in the foot this way. And looking at that district, I would be amazed if he survives a good Republican opponent.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Thank you to all the Democrats who stood together yesterday to defend our rights as innocent and vulnerable citizens who would be much more endangered with more guns available to the nut cases. Here in my neighborhood, we have had two fatal shootings in the past 3 weeks, one with an automatic weapon, both in daylight. And the comments seem to indicate that I chose the wrong part of town to live in. The gun violence will be 3 times as bad if crazies are allowed to carry loaded guns anywhere they want. STOP the gun violence. Vote against the NRA sponsored guns everywhere.

  3. ckc

    just remember, guns don’t kill people–gun owners do. Why, I’m sure businesses big and small across our fair state just love the idea that a problem employee is packing a loaded gun just a few feet away from their workplace. Now when you fire a troublemaker, you don’t wait for them to go home to get their gun, you can enjoy their explosive rage within minutes!

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