Campfield Constituents Interviewed (most like him)

The Tennessean has a long Stacey Campfield profile story, complete with videos of the senator talking and more or less focused on a visit to his district in Knox County.
An excerpt:
That question — who keeps electing Campfield? — has baffled critics inside and out of Tennessee. They’ve watched his public antics, unusual bills and outrageous statements about homosexuality draw national attention time and again.
The answer lies in an oddly shaped district in Knox County that encompasses both the University of Tennessee and wealthy, suburban Farragut. It was quite clear, in fact, the same night Colbert ripped the senator.
…Constituents, at least in most parts of Campfield’s district, appear to adore his lead-with-the-chin attitude.
Cynthia McMillan said she’s a retired pediatrician and likes Campfield primarily because he’s pro-life. In 2009, as a state representative, he offered a bill seeking death certificates for aborted fetuses. It never made it out of committee.
“He is basically conservative, and he has got convictions, and he expresses them,” McMillan said. “He says what he thinks.”
Painting contractor John Gabriel cited Campfield’s conservative credentials, then added, “Whether you agree with what he says or not, he’s true to his word and believes what he says.”

Note: Here’s a Campfield quote of note (from his blog): “Honestly I am probably as sick of seeing my name and face on TV and radio as you are…If given the choice of lots of media or none at all, I would take the none at all. Really, I would prefer no stories on me or my legislation. Seriously. None. Zero. Zip..”

One thought on “Campfield Constituents Interviewed (most like him)

  1. david johnson

    Stacey Campfield has gone too far…yet again. His comments asking for HGTV not to show gay couples on home buying shows, is blatantly homophobic, bigoted, and offensive to this community!! My hope is that we can expose him to his constituents , so that he will not be elected again, and does not have the bully pulpit to air his irrational, unwarranted views. I am very embarrassed to live in his district, this city, and this state! Get him Out!!

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