Colbert Report: ‘Future President Campfield’

The national spotlight on Knoxville legislator Stacey Campfield burned brighter (and, perhaps, lighter) Thursday with a segment on the lawmaker’s latest homosexuality in the classroom bill by comedian and political satirist Stephen Colbert.
Colbert suggested Thursday on Comedy Central’s “The Cobert Report” cable television show that Tennessee State Sen. Campfield could be the perfect presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2016.
In a segment called “Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature – Stacey Campfield,” Colbert praised Campfield for his “heroic work protecting our students’ morals.”
“Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield goes after sexuality in schools and the freeloadiest of all American freeloaders,” the caption for the video says on the Colbert Report website.

(Note: This post from the News Sentinel website.)

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