TN Has More Electric Car Charging Stations Than Electric Cars?

Charging stations for electric vehicles are sprouting up across the region, but good luck finding a car plugged into one, observes the Chattanooga TFP.
Tennessee Department of Revenue officials estimate that at least 530 electric vehicles have been registered in Tennessee in the past two years, based on the number of buyers seeking a tax rebate. Spokesman Billy Trout said the department has issued about $1.35 million in rebates so far.
…There are about 700 public charging stations across Tennessee to cater to cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi i, Smart Electric, Tesla S and Roadster.
…Most electrics cost $30,000 to $40,000, but some soar as high as $100,000 or more. The Chevrolet Volt, an “extended range” car, has a gasoline engine that recharges the battery but does not power the wheels. The Volt goes about 35 miles before needing a charge, while cars like the Leaf can go about 70, officials said.
Potential customers are encouraged with a $2,500 to $7,500 federal tax credit and a $2,500 rebate in Tennessee.

One thought on “TN Has More Electric Car Charging Stations Than Electric Cars?

  1. Eric H

    “The Volt can’t get stranded as long as the combustion charging engine has gas, but that takes environmentally unfriendly gasoline, he said.”
    So are 100% coal-powered cars (okay, 95% since it’s TVA) like the Leaf environmentally friendly?
    Doesn’t that require “mountaintop removal”?

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