Haslam’s Stand on Arresting Fed Agents: I’m Not Sure

State Rep. Joe Carr has proposed a bill that could lead to federal agents being charged with committing a crime if they enforce new federal gun laws in Tennessee. (Previous post HERE.)
He was asked about this in Memphis Thursday, WHBQ-TV reports:
“I think there are certain things that are states rights,” the governor said. “I don’t think that, the question earlier was that can we arrest federal agents who come to enforce the law, I personally am not sure we have the power to do that. You know, in terms of what laws get settled on a federal law and which get settled on a state law basis, I will be honest with you I don’t know how that will work out yet.”

One thought on “Haslam’s Stand on Arresting Fed Agents: I’m Not Sure

  1. Peter777

    We fought this battle of states rights 150 years ago, and Joe Carr’s side lost. Maybe State Rep. Joe Carr wants to fight it again. If he does, I nominate him to be in the first row of the infantry armed with a musket. We will see how he likes that.
    In the meantime, the proper way to adjudicate these issues is, not arresting Federal agents, etc., but is to challenge the law that Carr does not like in the U.S. District Court. Let the courts decide if an executive order of the President or a law passed by Congress agrees with the Constitution of the United States.

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