Janice Bowling Back on Republican State Executive Committee

State Sen. Janice Bowling of Tullahoma will not be removed as a member of the Republican State Executive Committee after all.
She had been more or less automatically removed earlier for missing three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee, according to state GOP Chairman Chris Devaney. But Bowling disputed the contention (Previous post HERE) and party officials have accepted her point.
Devaney’s letter to Executive Committee members explaining the situation is below.

Dear SEC members:
You may be aware that there were some issues surrounding whether Janice Bowling remained an SEC member in good standing after it appeared that she had missed three regular meetings of the State Executive Committee. Senator Bowling brought to our attention that she had actually attended a special called meeting and therefore should not be removed from the Committee. As a result, I consulted Scott Carey, our General Counsel, and he issued the following ruling that agreed with her assessment:
“Chairman Devaney, at your request, I have reviewed the correspondence from Janice Bowling to you dated December 5, 2012, which sets out her argument for remaining a member in good standing of the TRP State Executive Committee. I have also analyzed the TRP Bylaws, specifically Article III, Section 3, which states in pertinent part that “an Executive Committee member shall automatically cease to hold office…for having been physically absent from three (3) consecutive Executive Committee meetings.” If the Party’s records do indicate that she was present for an Executive Committee meeting held by telephone this year, then I agree with her reasoning that she has not missed three consecutive meetings and is therefore still a member in good standing.”
I have asked the Bylaws Subcommittee to review and make recommendations to clarify the language regarding meeting attendance for the future.
Thank you for all you do and have a Merry Christmas.
Chris Devaney

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