Nashville School Board Won’t Sue State for Withholding Funds

Despite one board member’s push to dig in and fight, the Metro school board on Tuesday backed off its threat to sue the state for withholding $3.4 million in funds to punish the district for rejecting a charter school application, reports The Tennessean.
Board members expressed hope that the state might willingly restore the funds if the district takes a more cooperative approach instead. The school board voted 8-1 on Tuesday to defeat a motion from board member Amy Frogge to pursue litigation against the Tennessee Department of Education over the financial reprimand that followed the Metro board’s repeated rejection of Great Hearts Academies’ charter school proposal this summer.
Citing a looming Dec. 16 deadline to file for injunctive relief, Frogge, a Great Hearts critic, said the board’s “backs are against the wall.” She added: “I’m all for compromise, too, but I just feel like we’re in the position now where we have to give everything.”
Her eight colleagues, however, concluded that while the lost funds hurt, it wasn’t worth waging a legal fight. The sentiments reflected the recommendation of Director of Schools Jesse Register, who called a lawsuit “counterproductive.”

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