Spending in TN Congressional Campaigns: $15.7 Million

Post-election disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission have pushed total spending in campaigns for Tennessee’s nine U.S. House elections — all won by incumbents — to about $15.3 million, though the congressmen collectively still have more than $6.8 million cash on hand.
Embattled 4th Congressional District Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a doctor who has dealt with controversy during and after the election over his involvement in abortions and sexual relations with patients, had the lowest cash-on-hand balance of any incumbent: $15,661.
DesJarlais spent $1,257,651 during the campaign, including $439,369 disclosed on his final report covering the last days of his race against Democrat Eric Stewart, who spent a total of $700,575.
Here’s a list by district of total expenditures and remaining balance for the other incumbent Tennessee congressmen as reported on the FEC website:

n 1st District Rep. Phil Roe, Republican of Johnson City — $546,068 spent; $411,640 remaining.
n 2nd District Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., Republican of Knoxville — $511,700 spent; $1,599,207 remaining.
n 3rd District Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, Republican of Chattanooga — $1,384,497 spent; $50,990 remaining.
n 5th District Rep. Jim Cooper, Democrat of Nashville — $623,441 spent; $725,946 remaining.
n 6th District Rep. Diane Black, Republican of Gallatin — $3,209,373 spent; $336,203 remaining.
n 7th District Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Brentwood — $1,350,091 spent; $1,259,995 remaining.
n 8th District Rep. Stephen Fincher of Frog Jump — $846,901 spent; $1,508,097 remaining.
n 9th District Rep. Steve Cohen, Democrat of Memphis — $813,938 spent; $806,346 remaining.
The most spent by a loser was $1,508,097 by Republican George Flinn — mostly in self-financing — in his effort to unseat Cohen.
Other big spending losers ran in the Republican primary against incumbents. Scottie Mayfield spent $781,022 losing to Fieishmann and Weston Wamp spent $662,658 in the same race. Lou Ann Zelenik spent $559,550 losing to Black in the GOP primary.
Sen. Bob Corker spent $4,682,216 in his re-election campaign and still has a balance of $6,278,323 in his account. Democratic nominee Mark Clayton still has reported no expenditures to the FEC, the website indicates

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