McCormick ‘at Odds’ With Haslam Over TN Health Care Exchange

From the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:
“I can use any number of examples of bad things we could do more efficiently than the federal government. That doesn’t mean we should do them,” House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga, said after a speech to the downtown Chamber of Commerce.
McCormick represents a conservative faction at odds with Republican Gov. Bill Haslam in a deadline-driven fight over health insurance markets required by the Affordable Care Act. Haslam has until Dec. 14 to authorize a state-run insurance exchange; if he does nothing before the deadline, the federal government will set it up.
“The feds created it. Let them run it,” McCormick said. “I don’t have an obligation to clean their mess for them.” While Alabama and Georgia have decided against setting up exchanges, Tennessee and nine other states are still split over state-versus-federal.
Haslam routinely criticizes “Obamacare,” but he’s pushing for a state-run exchange he believes will be less costly and more helpful than a federal program.

One thought on “McCormick ‘at Odds’ With Haslam Over TN Health Care Exchange

  1. Karen P

    Just say NO to the Healthcare Exchange! The majority of Tennesseeians will be totally behind the NEGATIVE response. We would rather find safer, less invasive ways to see that insurance is available to all. SAY NO!! Obamacare is NOT what we want or need.

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