Despite New Laws and Database Meth Mess Continues

Nearly two years ago Tennessee marked down more than 2,000 reported methamphetamine labs amid cries for reform, crackdowns and a revised approach. But today the state stands ready to log almost as many labs by year’s end, reports the News Sentinel.
Despite new laws and a new system for tracking the drug’s main ingredient, law enforcement officials around the state say they’re little better off than before.
“It’s about the same,” said Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jim Leinart, who oversees drug investigations in the county that leads Tennessee for meth lab seizures for the year. “Our problem is still the shake-and-bake (method). It’s still mostly users making their own. Our numbers go up and down.”
Anderson County reported 115 meth labs as of October, according to statistics from the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force — more than any other county this year. Hamilton County came in second with 67 reports, and Shelby third with 61 reports.
…State officials have tracked sales of pseudoephedrine, the basic ingredient in most meth recipes, for the past seven years. Calls for change led the state to sign on in 2011 to the MethCheck electronic database, also known as the National Pseudeophedrine Log Exchange, or NPLEx.
The database, managed by technology provider Appriss and funded by pharmaceutical companies, tracks sales in 24 states and boasts the ability to track sales electronically in real-time.
Supporters say the system blocked sales of more than 26,000 boxes of pseudoephedrine pills in Tennessee in its first six months alone.
But law enforcement officials say MethCheck hasn’t lived up to its billing. They complain of a system that too often stalls, crashes or spits out data in unreadable formats.

One thought on “Despite New Laws and Database Meth Mess Continues

  1. Steve Tapp

    Surprise, surprise, the narcs continue to agitate for criminalizing cold medication without a prescription many of us cannot afford.
    With the help of stenographic “journalists” who never question the wisdom of Prohibition while providing one-sided propaganda for narcs, they may get their way.
    Meanwhile, the deaths from alcohol mount daily and dwarf the harm from meth.

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