Ramsey Gunning for Compromise on Parking Lot Pistols

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he’s convinced employees already lock up their firearms in their vehicles parked at work, and he said he wants to quickly make the practice legal, according to Andrea Zelinski.
Ramsey said he plans to hammer out a compromise early next year over legislation that last year pinned Republicans between gun rights advocates — who want to commute to work with their firearms — and the business community, which wants to retain the right to ban guns on their property.
“If you’re a gun carry permit holder and you keep a gun in your car locked in your glove compartment, then you ought to be able to leave it there. That’s not going to bother anybody,” Ramsey told reporters following a State Building Commission meeting on Capitol Hill Thursday.
“I will guarantee you that there are gun carry permit holders that have a firearm in their car in their parking lot at work as we’re sitting here speaking,” Ramsey said. “All we’re doing is we’re making those people legal. It’s silly that we’re spending this much time spinning our wheels.”

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