Corrections Dept. Wants No New Staff for Parole and Probation

Despite years of audits saying that caseloads have become dangerously high, Tennessee won’t be getting additional parole and probation officers in the next year, reports The Tennessean.
The Tennessee Department of Correction on Tuesday gave an $850 million budget pitch to Gov. Bill Haslam as part of the administration’s ongoing budget hearings. The department’s proposed budget would include regular contract cost increases, in addition to more funding for more inmates coming into the system.
State auditors for years have warned that caseloads for officers who supervise released felons have grown untenable, potentially putting the public at risk. But Correction Commissioner Derrick Schofield said the agency, which took control of the state’s parole and probation supervision duties in July, isn’t asking for any additional officers.
“It’s still early to just say we need 100 or we need 200 officers. What we have to look at is what are our processes,” Schofield said.

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