Haslam ‘Leaning’ Toward Establishing TN Health Care Exchange

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says he’s leaning toward the state running its own insurance exchange program under the federal health care overhaul, according to WPLN. But he’s holding off on making a final decision, which is required by the end of next week.
The Republican-led state legislature would have to sign off, and some lawmakers in the governor’s party are dubious.
“I think politically it will be difficult. In some other states, you had some governors who said they wanted to do it and a legislature that voted no. But I think the arguments haven’t been made yet.”
Haslam says a state exchange could create better tax situations for businesses that choose to use it to insure their employees. And Haslam says insurance companies who would offer plans on the exchange, tell him they’d prefer to work with states over the federal government.

…House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick argues a state-run exchange would be a hard sell among rank-and-file Republicans.
“The federal government is the one that set up this and quite frankly made this mess, and I think we’ll probably let them deal with it.”

One thought on “Haslam ‘Leaning’ Toward Establishing TN Health Care Exchange

  1. Ernestine S. Bonicelli

    I need to know more about this. I don’t understand it. Anything the state can do instead of the federal government is generally better. Especially now! If this will be for the good of Tennessee citizens, it should go forward. But it must be real, not “political”

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