Mark Clayton’s ‘Victory’ Statement

News release from Mark Clayton campaign:
Mark Clayton is out thanking Democrats who turned out in large numbers in a mandate to restore democracy to our party. With 83% of the votes in from Tennessee Democrats, 655,438, an overwhelming majority of Democrats have now voted for Mark Clayton in the race against the unelected bosses who waged a write-in campaign their own duly nominated leader with unauthorized party resources. Mark Clayton will continue to defend Democrats from unelected bosses and is calling for hearings into the integrity of voting rights in Tennessee when the General Assembly convenes next year.
By calling Democrats “too stupid” to vote and attacking democracy, the unelected bosses drove swing and independent voters from our party and cost Democrats their chance to unseat Bob Corker. We call for the immediate resignation of unelected party bosses in the Tennessee Democratic Party. The people of Tennessee tonight have clearly demanded that Democrats never again be subjugated to bosses who are not elected by Democrats.

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