THDA Spending on Employees ‘Having Fun’ Faulted

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency, created to help in financing home for low and modest income Tennesseans, also spends “tens of thousands of dollars having fun,” according to WTVF-TV’s Phil Williams. But it’s called “employee development.”
So, this past summer, the entire office took off to go to Dave & Busters.
In addition to a full-course, lunch buffet, each employee also got $40 for video games or for bowling.
The total cost: $9,939.
“The people who work in accounting get to know the people who work in tax credits,” Smith explained. “The people who work in housing management get to know the people in public affairs.”
“Can they not get to know each other here at the office?” NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked.
“Yes — it’s a little crowded here,” she answered.
To celebrate Fellman’s 50th birthday, THDA bought enough balloons to fill up the boss’ office. They hired a balloon artist, as well as a caterer to serve up banana pudding.
The price tag: $1,300.
For administrative professionals day, the agency brought in a stretch limo just to take its secretaries out to lunch.
The limo by itself: $641.

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