Harwell: Great Hearts May Help Passage of Voucher Bill

House Speaker Beth Harwell tells The City Paper that the Metro school board’s high-profile Great Hearts Academies denial is motivating lawmakers to approve a plan that would allow parents to send their children to private schools on taxpayers’ dime.
Parents want options, “and we didn’t give them that. And consequently, where do they go next but to vouchers,” Harwell told The City Paper
“If the Metropolitan school board is concerned about vouchers, then they should have been more conscientious in helping us bring in an outstanding public charter school to this state,” she said.
Vouchers are otherwise known as “opportunity scholarships” and allow students to use taxpayer dollars to pay their way at private schools, including parochial schools. The idea is controversial because it would siphon money from the public school system.
Harwell said she prefers having “great charter schools across the state” than resorting to a voucher program but said she’ll reserve judgement until she sees specific details of a proposal.

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