Board of Pharmacy Eager to Penalize for Meningitis Outbreak

A state panel is chomping at the bit to punish the compounding pharmacy responsible for an outbreak of fungal meningitis that has killed nine Tennesseans, reports WPLN. But the Board of Pharmacy was barred from assessing penalties at a special-called meeting Tuesday.
Barry Cadden – co-founder of the New England Compounding Center – voluntarily surrendered his state license in a negotiated agreement. The deal does permit the state to fine Cadden, but the board of pharmacy’s attorney says that will have to wait. For one, they still don’t know exactly how many tainted vials were shipped to Tennessee.
Board member Joyce McDaniel – the one non-pharmacist on the panel – wanted to go forward anyway.
“I would have thought by now we would have a number of vials because we can do $1,000 per vial and know how many of those vials actually had prescriptions with them. I mean, I’m ready to do the fines today.”
According to the state Department of Health, more than 2,500 injectable steroid doses were shipped to Tennessee, though not all were used. More compounded drugs are also now in question after investigation by federal authorities.
The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy’s attorney says there will eventually be fines and – in his words – they will be “significant.”

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