College Students Protest Photo ID Law

Camille Burge’s professors at Vanderbilt University can use their university ID to vote. But Burge, a graduate student here, can’t use hers, report The Tennessean.
“You can use your ID and I can’t?” Burge said. “I just don’t understand it.”
Burge and dozens of others gathered outside the Davidson County Election Commission on Saturday to rally in support of students’ rights to vote. Organized by Operation W.A.V.E. (Wake Up And Vote Early), those at the rally hoped to raise awareness about the state’s new voter ID law and encourage students to vote.
Of particular concern for students like Burge, is the law that doesn’t allow student IDs to be a valid form of identification while voting. Philippe Andal, student government president at Fisk University, said that the laws are purposely designed to suppress the votes of students, the poor, minorities and the elderly – all of whom may find it difficult to provide acceptable forms of ID.
“The new photo ID law is targeted directly at college students and other disenfranchised groups,” Andal said. “Everyone should care, because if one group is being disenfranchised, who’s to say their group isn’t next?”

Note: My understanding of the photo ID law is that the ID must be issued by state or federal government. Thus, a Vanderbilt ID for faculty be no more valid than a student ID.

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