Brother’s Illness Prompts Headrick to Suspend Campaign

In a short statement emailed to media today, Democrat Mary Headrick’s campaign announced she is suspending political activity temporarily because of a family illness. Here’s the statement:
Dr. Mary Headrick, candidate for the 3rd District Congressional District, Tn. race is announcing a brief suspension of campaign activities for a few days. She will be out of State with her brother who is critically ill and undergoing emergency surgery. Dr. Headrick asked that people pray for her brother, Greer, to have a successful operation and recovery.

Note: For a copy of Headrick’s last news release before the suspension, which criticizes Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s “jobs plan,” see below.

News release from Mary Headrick campaign:
“People need to actually read Chuck Fleischmann’s ‘7 Point Job Plan’ and ask themselves, ‘How does this increase jobs in Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District?'” Dr. Mary Headrick stated today.
“With the exception of a Small Modular Reactor project, none of the proposals my opponent lists would help create jobs here,” the Democratic candidate continued.
Citing actions by her opponent that will actually cost American jobs, she noted, “Rep. Fleischmann wrote a letter of support for the TransPacific Trade Partnership, a trade agreement that will send more U.S. jobs and dollars overseas. It would make our trade deficit even worse, and hand over our ability to self-govern to foreign companies. My opponent favors letting foreign companies tell us what safety or patent laws we are allowed to have, and would allow these same foreign companies to drive down our wages.”
Headrick promised to “defend our sovereignty and fight trade agreements that let foreign companies decide our U.S. law. I will defend our U.S. jobs and economy.”
Headrick suggested that voters look at her opponent’s plan for themselves at “Read his radical proposals,” she urged. “Pay particular attention to pages 20-29. The truth is, I am the true fiscal conservative.
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