Tennessee Conservative Union: Maybe DesJarlais Should Resign

The chairman of the Tennessee Conservative Union said Monday he’s talking with other Republican-leaning groups and exploring whether to demand U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., resign from Congress.
Reports the Chattanooga TFP:
The move comes as the 4th Congressional District lawmaker and candidate finds himself under growing fire following revelations that as a physician 12 years ago he pressed a former patient with whom he had been involved sexually to get an abortion.
Tennessee Conservative Union Chairman Lloyd Daugherty in an interview declined to identify the other organizations with which he has been speaking. He said his goal is building a “coalition” in support of the congressman’s ouster.
“We’re very upset that he’s broken his medical creed and the trust of the citizens of his district,” said Daugherty, who two years ago endorsed then-U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis, D-Tenn., whom DesJarlais beat in an upset.
The group usually backs Republicans.
In a statement Monday night, the Jasper lawmaker said his Democratic opponent, Eric Stewart, “supports Barack Obama for president and thinks Obamacare is great for Tennessee.”
“I’ll stand on my conservative record of lower taxes, reduced deficits, and repealing Obamacare. Mr. Daugherty supported Lincoln Davis last election cycle, so Eric Stewart would be a consistent choice for him — but not for true conservatives.”

2 thoughts on “Tennessee Conservative Union: Maybe DesJarlais Should Resign

  1. DeVan

    So NOW, just a few weeks before the election, the local liberal media suddenly drops this story on East Tennessee?!!! And equally as suddenly, they find some “medical ethics” group out of D.C. that just happens to take an interest in a matter that, if DesJarlais was a Democrat, would be brushed off as A) old news B) just his personal business C) the woman is just chasing a dollar bill through a trailer park or D) all of the above. The real truth is this is a Democrat hatchet job with the media being fed and running with information supplied by DesJarlais’ Democrat opponent. And the alleged activity happened in the year 2000 – almost 13 years ago! Funny they don’t seem interested in all those mysterious documents in Barack Obama’s past, like his college records, selective service record, passport records, social security card (from Connecticut?!) The real reason the local Knoxville media is so keen on waging a war of personal destruction against DesJarlais is that he has a 95% record of voting with conservatives. Why – gasp! – he even voted against the deal to raise the debt ceiling which the media sees as a direct attack on their brothers and sisters in big government. Just one more example of how the Knoxville media has lurched to the left. But didn’t they try this on DesJarlais the last time…….? And aren’t there bigger, more recent scandals to cover like Fast and Furious, the Stimulus spending fraud scandal, the Bengazi cover up? Not to mention where the stories are on the 50 million on food stamps, a record low number of people in the work force, 43+ consecutive months of unemployment between 10 and 20%! No, the country can go to hell as long as they have a chance to destroy a Republican.

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