TN Journal Sees ‘High Probability’ of GOP Gaining ‘Super Majorities’

The Tennessee Journal, in its latest update on legislative races, says there is a “high probability” that Republicans will gain two-thirds “super majorities” in both the House and Senate. The subscription publication elaborates a bit thusly:
The GOP should pick up three to six seats in the Senate. In the House, Republicans stand to gain up to seven seats with the sure victories of Mike Carter in District 29, Jeremy Durham in 65, and Roger Kane in 89 and the likely victories of Dawn White in 37, William Lamberth in 44, Debra Moody in 81, and Billy Spivey in 92.
They could make it eight by winning the toss-up race in District 13, and they may also have a chance in one to three of the “leaning Democratic” contests. Democrats have shots against four GOP incumbents in “toss-up” races and can only hope to limit the damage. Given their plight after redistricting, if Democrats hold Republicans below 70 they can claim a moral victory.

Three seats are listed by the Journal, edited by Ed Cromer, as tossups: District 20, where Republican Steve Dickerson faces Democrat Phillip North in a seat vacated by Democratic Sen. Joe Haynes; District 20, where incumbent Democratic Sen. Tim Barnes faces Republican Mark Green; and District 24, where Republican John Stevens faces Democrat Brad Thompson for the seat vacated by Democratic Sen. Roy Herron.
Five seats are listed as tossups in the House lineup: District 5, where Republican Rep. David Hawk is challenged by Democrat Eddie Yokley; District 13, where Republican Gary Loe faces Democrat Gloria Johnson (and independent Nick Cazana); District 33, where Republican Rep. John Ragan faces Democrat Jim Hackworth; District 60, where Republican Rep. Jim Gotto faces Democrat Darren Jernigan; and District 76, where Republican Rep. Andy Holt faces Democrat Mark Maddox.

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