Candidate Timothy Hill Profiting from Politicking

While Timothy Hill runs for a Tennessee House seat, his business is making thousands of dollars off political campaigns, according to Hank Hayes’ review of quarterly campaign finance disclosures filed with the state.
Hill’s Blountville-based Right Way marketing firm has been paid to do polling for his GOP 3rd House District campaign as well as the campaigns of his brother, Republican state Rep. Matthew Hill, and House District 6 GOP nominee Micah Van Huss.
Timothy Hill gave his company $7,869 out of his campaign account for political research, according to the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance (TREF).
When asked how his campaign contributors would feel about the move, Timothy Hill said in an e-mail: “My contributors have placed tremendous trust in me and my campaign by giving their hard-earned dollars to someone who will make a difference in Nashville, and I do not take that for granted. … The campaign believes it is best to use a tried and tested provider that could deliver results. I’m very blessed to employ local folks that provide the best results in their field, and my goal is to spend contributions wisely and locally when possible.”
TREF Executive Director Drew Rawlins indicated Timothy Hill’s action is completely legal.
“There is no law that restricts someone from buying services from their own company. Yes, he can do that,” Rawlins said.
Matthew Hill, a five-term Jonesborough Republican who represents House District 7, gave $1,500 to his brother’s marketing firm for polling.
Van Huss, who defeated incumbent state Rep. Dale Ford of Jonesborough in the August GOP primary, reported spending $3,000 with Timothy Hill’s marketing firm for polling during the general election campaign, in addition to $5,100 for work done during the primary.

3 thoughts on “Candidate Timothy Hill Profiting from Politicking

  1. Doe_River

    The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development reported back during 2009 that Right Way Marketing was capitalized at $1.53 million dollars — where did the TNGA 3rd House District candidate Timothy Hill get this kind of money for his partisan Right Way Marketing political calling center?
    The Tennessee Ethics disclosure statement filed by Tennessee Regulatory Authority Chairman Kenneth C. Hill shows that his wife, Janet Hill ( a compensated board member of the Hills’ 501(c)(3) Appalachian Educational Communication Corporation (d.b.a. WHCB 91,5 FM radio and the Cameo Theater, holds an interest within Right Way Marketing, and the Tennessee Ethics disclosure forms filed by TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill also reveal that he is the President of Right Way Marketing. – Appalachian Educational Communication Corporation
    And why have the Hills not filed the federally required Form 990 ‘Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax for Appalachian Educational Communication Corporation since 2009?

  2. Doe_River

    I am thinking that the Knoxville News Sentinel should be taking lead on the print media coverage of Republican politicians from Northeast Tennessee (and the Hills and their Right Way Marketing partisan political cell center in particular):
    Internet WayBack Machine – SJ STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS – Our Focus
    [private investment company owned by noted Tennessee Republican Party contributor John M. Gregory and family members]
    June 16, 2006
    We look to invest in television, radio, and newspapers located in small and medium markets.

  3. Eric Holcombe

    “And why have the Hills not filed the federally required Form 990…since 2009?”
    You mean why doesn’t your linked source have it? IRS regulations require the non-profit to provide you with the most recent three years within 30 days upon written request or immediately if requested in person. Why don’t you ask for them?
    The IRS automatically revokes tax exemption status for corporations that fail to file for three consecutive years. AECC is not on their revoked list:

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