Court Order Issued Against Hormone Therapy Operation

News release from state attorney general’s office:
The Court has ordered HRC Medical Centers, Inc. (HRC) to temporarily halt certain claims and contractual practices related to its “bio-identical” hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) known as Amor Vie, Tennessee Attorney Bob Cooper announced today.
The Davidson County Circuit Court order comes after the Attorney General’s Office filed suit on Monday against HRC for allegedly making unsubstantiated health claims and failing to advise consumers of possible risks and side effects associated with HRC’s BHRT Amor Vie.
Also named in the lawsuit are Don Hale, owner and officer of HRC, Dan Hale, former owner and officer of HRC as well as an osteopathic doctor at HRC, and HRC Management Midwest, LLC, which owns an HRC clinic in Memphis. A temporary injunction hearing is set for 1 p.m. on October 19th.
“We are grateful to the court for this action as this concerns the safety and health of many Tennesseans,” Attorney General Cooper said. “We urge Tennesseans who may have used HRC Medical’s BHRT to contact their personal health care providers about any possible adverse effects that may be associated with BHRT.”
HRC consumers should contact this office at 615-741-1671 in order to report any side effects or adverse health effects from BHRT they received at any HRC center in Tennessee. However, the Attorney General’s office cannot provide any health or medical information to individuals.

Tennessee-based HRC markets and sells BHRT, claiming in its advertisements that BHRT is a “safe alternative” to traditional hormone replacement therapy. HRC branded clinics operate in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville.
The State filed its lawsuit in Davidson County Circuit Court Monday, asking for asking for a temporary restraining order, a temporary injunction, a receiver to be appointed over the corporation, and for the corporation to be dissolved.
Based on its extensive investigation, the State alleged that defendants violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act by, among other things, making a series of false and unsubstantiated claims about the benefits, efficacy, safety and side effects of BHRT and withholding important information from consumers about the potential for serious health risks and side effects as a result of the therapy. The defendants, meanwhile, have previously publicly denied the allegations.
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2 thoughts on “Court Order Issued Against Hormone Therapy Operation

  1. quackerycracker

    HRC medical was run by convicted felons. it took a while but finally AG in TN finally caught up and fought back. Good for AG office.. way to go…

  2. Anita J Bircumshaw

    We have lost thousands of dollars from these HRC treatments and we have requested our money refunded back from HRC before the suit. We are part of the class suit. No one has kept us updated about the law suit, no one knows what is going on. Could u please bring this up in your newscast again and contact Mr. Cooper again. Thank you Anita J Bircumshaw

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