Haslam Hails ‘Analytical’ Romney

Gov. Bill Haslam talks about Mitt Romney with the Tennessean:
“He has a temperament that is more suited to leading and governing than it is to campaigning,” Haslam said in an interview with The Tennessean. “His skills are more on the analytical side. Analytical skill sets don’t really help you on the day to day of campaigning, but they really help you in running something as big as the United States of America.”
…Few Tennesseans have gotten to meet Romney personally. The GOP nominee did not campaign much in the state in 2008, and he probably won’t do so between now and Election Day.
But he has made a point of courting the state’s Republican leadership, bringing on board Haslam, his powerful political family and a healthy portion of Tennessee’s lawmakers and top fundraisers. He has visited the Nashville area during the current election cycle for at least three private fundraisers, though none included any public events.
…As a Republican governor of Massachusetts, he had to work with Democrats to pass his legislative priorities, including the state’s mandatory health insurance law. As lead organizer of the Salt Lake City Olympics, he had to bend to the demands of outside groups.
“He couldn’t run the Olympics like you would run your business. You just can’t. There’s just too many different points of power,” Haslam said.
“Certain people are better suited to govern than to campaign. He’s not a backslapper, or whatever phrase you want to use.”

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