Christian Conservative Group Rates 53 GOP Legislators as Perfect

Family Action of Tennessee, a conservative Christian organization, today declared 16 state senators and 37 state representatives — all of them Republicans — as “Champions of the Family.” That means they had a record of voting the way the organization wanted 100 percent of the time.
The most notable absence from the list, perhaps, is House Speaker Beth Harwell. A check of her voting record by FAT standards shows her with a 92 percent rating; she was absent when one of the votes in question was taken.
The group’s voting record report on all legislators is HERE. The list of ‘champions’ with 100 percent records is HERE.
Here’s the news release:
David Fowler, President of Family Action of Tennessee, Inc., today announced the names of those state legislators designated by the organization as Champions of the Family. Champions of the Family are those state legislators who had a 100% voting record on various pieces of state legislation followed by Family Action during the 2011-2012 General Assembly.
“Those legislators who have received our highest designation as a Champion of the Family are those whose votes have shown that they understand the critical importance of marriage, family, life, and religious liberty to the future well-being of our state. We heartily applaud their unwavering stand on behalf of the families of Tennessee,” said Mr. Fowler.

Mr. Fowler also noted that there were other legislators whose support for marriage, family, life, and religious liberty deserved recognition as well: “The Advocates of the Family are those legislators who scored between 90% and 99%. While we may have differed with these legislators on an issue, the fact is that they are still strong advocates for the family as well.”
Several of those receiving Family Action’s designation as a Champion of the Family or Advocate of the Family are not running for re-election. Of them, Mr. Fowler remarked, “We are grateful for the opportunity we had to work with them, and will miss working with them in the future. But we wish the very best to them in their future endeavors.”
A list of those designated as Champions of the Family and Advocates of the Family are attached hereto.
The voting records of all incumbents on legislation followed by Family Action of Tennessee can be found at

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