Terry Ashe to Head TN Sheriffs’ Association

Terry Ashe will no longer be Wilson County’s sheriff after 30 years in the position, announcing Tuesday he has accepted an appointment to become the executive director of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association, according to The Tennessean.
Ashe, 63, will relinquish his post as sheriff on Sept. 30, and will take over as full-time executive director of the state Sheriffs’ Association Oct. 1. Assistant Chief Robert Bryan will take over as the Wilson County sheriff.
“I’ve learned a lot about public responsibility,” Ashe said. “This organization has a great opportunity. We’re fighting for victims of crime across the state. The training that we’re giving our sheriffs totally relates to doing the right thing and learning how to run the office of sheriff and working with these jails and trying to make sure these jails are run right. That training we’re giving our sheriffs comes out of this organization.”
Ashe has been the acting director of the sheriffs’ association about two years while keeping his post as Wilson County sheriff. He was a unanimous choice by the sheriffs’ association, whose main objective is to train sheriffs across the state, Ashe said.

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  1. Ducky

    Sheriff Ashe,
    Congratulation on your new appointment. No doubt you will do a fantastic job, just like every other endeavor you had in your life.
    May God continue to bless you.
    Your friend in Christ and Nam Brother
    Will Abshire, aka Ducky

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