Sen. Herron on the Deaths of Mother, Mother-in-law

Sen. Roy Herron’s mother and mother-in-law both passed away within a 24 hour period this week. Here’s an email from the senator:
My father’s been gone for 35 years, but yesterday afternoon, I visited my nearly 96-year-old mother in the ICU. Her eyes were open, really open, for the first time since before the ambulance took her to the hospital last Friday.
I leaned close, talked loud, and told her that yesterday, September 10th, was my father’s 100th birthday. She squeezed my hand and then, within three hours, Mother went to join him. She was never one to miss a birthday party.
Last week, Nancy’s mother entered hospice care. Today, less than twenty-four hours after my mother went home, Nancy’s mother — with her two daughters holding her — also went home. She is now with her husband. She didn’t want to miss the party either.
One friend said this is a tough time for our family, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude. When our mothers have been with us for a combined180 years, we can surely be grateful for blessing after blessing, year after year. Their lives were full, and they have filled our lives with love.
Now we will honor and remember two wonderful women, two loving mothers, and two precious grandmothers. For my mother, we will gather in Dresden at the First United Methodist Church for visitation on Friday night between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. and a Celebration Service on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. For Nancy’s mother, we will gather in Memphis for a Committal Service this Sunday morning and a Memorial Service over Thanksgiving.
As we give thanks, please keep our family in your prayers. And know that we are praying for you and yours.

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