NFIB Endorses 85 Republicans; 4 Democrats

The National Federation of Independent Business has released its list of endorsed candidates in races for state legislative seats — all Republicans with three exceptions.
The exceptions: House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh in House District 82, Rep. Charles Curtiss of Sparta in House District 43; Rep. Joe Pitts of Clarksville in House District 53 and Rep. John DeBerry of Memphis in House District 90. DeBerry and Pitts have no Republican opponents. Curtiss and Fitzhugh do.
Many of the Republicans endorsed also have no opponent in the general election.
The news release follows, with the candidate list below that under ‘continue reading.’
News release from National Federation of Independent Business:
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 10, 2012 – The National Federation of Independent Business, Tennessee’s leading small business association, released a list of endorsed candidates, including 29 NFIB members.
The endorsements were made by NFIB/Tennessee SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust, which is comprised exclusively of NFIB members. The general election will be held Nov. 6.
“NFIB supports candidates who understand how important it is to reduce burdens on small business,” said Jim Brown, state director of NFIB/Tennessee. “These candidates have consistently supported or pledged to support a lower tax environment and to improve our unemployment and workers’ comp systems.”
Endorsements by Senate and House Districts (NFIB members noted with an asterisk):

District, name
2 Doug Overbey
4 Ron Ramsey*
6 Becky Duncan Massey
8 Frank Niceley
10 Todd Gardenhire
12 Ken Yager
14 Jim Tracy*
16 Janice Bowling
18 Ferrell Haile*
20 Steve Dickerson
22 Mark Green*
24 John Stevens
26 Dolores Gresham*
28 Joey Hensley*
32 Mark Norris*
District, name
1 Jon Lundberg*
2 Tony Shipley
3 Timothy Hill
5 David Hawk
7 Matthew Hill
8 Art Swann
9 Mike Harrison
11 Jeremy Faison
12 Dale Carr
13 Gary Loe
14 Ryan Haynes
16 Bill Dunn
18 Steve Hall
19 Harry Brooks
20 Bob Ramsey
21 Jimmy Matlock*
22 Eric Watson
23 John Forgety
24 Kevin Brooks
25 Cameron Sexton
26 Gerald McCormick
27 Richard Floyd
30 Vince Dean
32 Kent Calfee
33 John Ragan
34 Rick Womick
35 Dennis Roach
36 Dennis Powers*
37 Dawn White
38 Kelly Keisling*
39 David Alexander*
40 Terri Lynn Weaver
42 Ryan Williams
43 Charles Curtiss
44 William Lamberth
45 Courtney Rogers
46 Mark Pody
47 Judd Matheny
48 Joe Carr
49 Mike Sparks
50 Charles Williamson
53 Ben Claybaker*
56 Beth Harwell*
57 Susan Lynn*
59 Robert Duvall
60 Jim Gotto
61 Charles Sargent*
62 Pat Marsh*
63 Glen Casada
64 Sheila Butt
65 Jeremy Durham*
66 Joshua Evans*
67 Joe Pitts
68 Curtis Johnson*
70 Barry Doss*
71 Vance Dennis
72 Steve McDaniel*
73 Jimmy Eldridge*
75 Tim Wirgau
76 Andy Holt
77 Bill Sanderson
79 Curtis Halford
81 Debra Moody
82 Craig Fitzhugh*
83 Mark White*
89 Roger Kane*
90 John DeBerry
94 Barrett Rich*
95 Curry Todd
96 Steve McManus*
97 Jim Coley*
99 Ron Lollar
NFIB’s endorsement is critical to these campaigns. Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. NFIB has pledged it will activate its grassroots network on behalf of these campaigns. NFIB’s political support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on small business issues.

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