Former Democratic Congressmen Endorse Democrat

News release from Eric Stewart campaign:
Winchester, Tenn. – Former Congressmen Bart Gordon and Lincoln Davis announced their endorsement today of State Senator Eric Stewart in his race to become the next U.S. Congressman to represent Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District.
Gordon and Davis said they support Stewart for his proven ability to work with both Republicans and Democrats in balancing Tennessee’s state budget and because of his focus on working families in Tennessee.
Congressman Bart Gordon, who served 26 years as a U.S. Congressman for Tennessee, says that Stewart’s focus on jobs, bipartisanship, and education is what the newly drawn 4th Congressional District needs in a Congressman.

“Tennessee deserves a Congressman like Eric Stewart who will work across the aisle in Washington to get things done,” Gordon said.
Gordon served on the House Commerce Committee and was Chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology from 2007-2011. “What we’re seeing out of Washington right now is simply not working,” Gordon said. “The U.S. Congress has an approval rating of 12 percent, which is lower than any time in history, and the gridlock is higher than it’s ever been.”
“I’ve watched State Sen. Eric Stewart work with Republicans, from Governor to members of the Tennessee General Assembly, to pass a balanced budget all four years that he was in the State Senate. Washington needs someone like Eric who will work together with other members of Congress to get things done. He recognizes that a good idea is a good idea, no matter which party or member comes up with it. That’s why I’m proud to endorse him in his run for Congress,” Gordon said.
Congressman Lincoln Davis, who served two terms in Congress on the House Appropriations Committee and the Agriculture subcommittee, says that he is also glad to endorse Stewart for Congress because of Stewart’s commitment for fighting for working families, his commitment to keep Medicare from becoming a voucher program and because of Stewart’s proven ability to work across the aisle to solve problems.
During his tenure in Congress, Davis focused on issues such as long-term care for seniors and initiated and fought for legislation to curb domestic violence in Tennessee.
“Eric is a fine young man that grew up in Tennessee and the 4th District. He was raised by a family of teachers and spent his early years working with his Dad installing HVAC systems and aluminum gutters in people’s homes. I know Eric will fight for working families in this district because Eric grew up in a working family, is still part of a working family, and knows firsthand the struggles faced by working families and small business owners,” Davis said.
“Our seniors deserve someone who will fight tooth and nail to save Medicare. Eric summed up the choice our seniors have in choosing who to vote for as their Congressman when he said, ‘The question we have to ask is do we keep the promises we have made to our seniors to fully fund Medicare, or do we break them and give millionaires and billionaires another tax cut while giving seniors a voucher and telling them to go shop around for a health insurance plan,'” Davis added.
“Fighting for seniors, farmers and working to end domestic violence in Tennessee are issues that are very important to me,” Davis said.
“I’m proud to strongly endorse Eric Stewart because during his time in the State Senate he’s shown he’ll work with Republicans and Democrats and do what’s right. Washington needs some of the common sense that Eric can offer,” Davis said.

One thought on “Former Democratic Congressmen Endorse Democrat

  1. Miles Elder

    Let’s see one congressman who got beat in 2010 and another one who would have gotten beat in 2010 so he “retired” instead of facing angry voters. Yeah, those are two stellar endorsements alright. Kind of backwards looking I’d say. Isn’t Mr. Stewart’s campaign “Forward?” Oh, that’s right. That’s Barack Obama’s slogan this time. Sometimes, I have a hard time telling the two apart.

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