Eric Stewart: ‘I Will be Voting for the President’

Statement from 4th District Congressional candidate Eric Stewart:
Winchester, TN – Congressman DesJarlais has said he didn’t see any reason to debate me because there weren’t clear issues to talk about in this race and that I haven’t said who I support for president.
I know where I stand on the issues important to working families, college students, and our seniors. I think Congressman DesJarlais betrayed working families in this district when he voted to end the payroll tax cut, a vote that will cost working families $1,000 more a year. I think he broke the promises to our seniors when he voted to end Medicare and charge seniors $6,000 more a year in Medicare. I think he betrayed college students when he voted to slash financial aid.
I’m going to work hard and fight for the people of the 4th Congressional district regardless of who is in the White House. I will be voting for the president because I cannot support a platform, like Congressman DesJarlais’s, that destroys Medicare, raises taxes on the middle class and working families, slashes financial aid to college students and continues to reward companies that ship our jobs overseas.
There’s plenty to debate. Congressman DesJarlais has just decided that he would rather not face voters. He’s proven that he’s going to be a Do Nothing Candidate as well as a Do Nothing Congressman. Voters deserve to see both of us on a stage, man-to-man, talking with them.
I renew my call to Congressman DesJarlais for three debates. I’ve answered his questions, now let’s see if he will man-up and sit on a stage with me and answer questions from voters.

3 thoughts on “Eric Stewart: ‘I Will be Voting for the President’

  1. Jesse

    Eric’s vision – 20/20,,,,, With the main goal of the GOP to make the president a one termer rather than attempting to help solve the nation’s problems there seems to be a lack of vision on the part or the present congressman since he has seemed to be in lock step with his party which is failing to support even those policies which are balanced.

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