Stewart Unsure of His Vote for U.S. Senator

Eric Stewart, Democratic nominee for the 4th Congressional District seat, says he is unsure who will get his personal vote this fall for president of the United States or for Tennessee’s U.S. Senate seat.
Stewart said that in the Aug. 2, he wrote in the name of state Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga, on the U.S. Senate Democratic primary ballot rather than vote for any of the seven listed candidates.
The winner of that primary, Mark Clayton, has since been disavowed by the state Democratic party because of what state party Chairman Chip Forrester calls “extremist” positions and membership in an anti-gay hate group.
Stewart, who is giving up a state Senate seat to run against Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, said he respects Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, the incumbent challenged by Clayton.
“I will say this: Although Bob Corker and I don’t agree on everything, he is willing to listen and willing to start a conversation,” Stewart said. “We need more of that.”
Similarly, Stewart said he disagrees with Obama on some issues, but respects him and stands ready to work with the president as a congressman “whoever it is.”
As for voting on Nov. 6, he said, “I’m going in, and push a button and vote for somebody…. I’m not telling you either way (his inclination on voting for president or Senate).”
Stewart presents himself as a conservative on some issues. For example, the senator said he is opposed to same-sex marriage, noting Tennessee voters approved a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.
“I stand with the voters of Tennessee,” he said.
Stewart’s comments came in Tuesday before a rally and news conference criticizing DesJarlais for refusing to debate him.

UPDATE NOTE: The reference to Stewart’s presidential vote has been given a “strike over” after the statement released Friday (posted HERE) stating he will vote for President Obama. Kevin Teets, spokesman for Stewart, says the candidate does not recall saying he was unsure about voting for Obama.

5 thoughts on “Stewart Unsure of His Vote for U.S. Senator

  1. Silvia

    What a joke…if this guy doesn’t know who he is voting for in the presidential election, with such clear choices, how does he know where he stands on ANYTHING???

  2. David Colin

    This article about Eric Stewart misrepresents what he said at his news conference. He did not indicate that he is “unsure”. He was very clear that he is very sure, but that his voting choice is not what was at issue. His primary point in that entire segement was that regarless of who is elected by ALL the people that he would represent the people of his district and work WITH any president toward solutions and would not be an obstructionist. His point highlights that he plans to correct the deficiancies that we have with our current representation which has resulted in our district not being represented at all. I seriously think you should consider a retraction of your title for this article that is a misrepresentation of the actual context. Thank you.

  3. Tom Humphrey

    Mr. Collins,
    I believe you are talking about remarks perhaps made at a separate news conference. The referenced comments came at Murfreesboro on Monday when Eric Stewart spoke with myself and another reporter prior to his remarks from the podium.
    Further clarification from Mr. Stewart, of course, would be welcome.

  4. Jared Evans

    David, as a Democrat I think who Mr Stewart is voting for is vital. Will he work with Romney’s plans to help the banks and wall st get their power back? Or is he ashamed of our president?

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