Matheny’s Opponent Promises to Support Harwell for Speaker

News release from Scott Price (Democratic nominee in House District 47) campaign:
In response to the recent announcement that Rep. Judd Matheny is planning to challenge the leadership of respected House Speaker Beth Harwell; it seems extremely presumptuous of Mr. Matheny to be considering such a divisive move when he still has a contested general election in November.
As his opponent in this election, I feel Mr. Matheny has lost sight of the fact that the voters of District 47 have yet to speak to determine who will best represent them. This premature action on his part is just one more example of how out of touch with local voters Mr. Matheny has become. He is obviously pursuing personal political aspirations with no regard to the needs of the people of District 47. Representatives are elected every two years to go to Nashville for a limited time, and then return to their regular jobs.
As an educator for sixteen years in our district, I have no desire to be a career politician and abandon local concerns for a political title. I am willing to represent the hard working people of this district for a short time and then return to my classroom.
Seeking the position of Speaker of the House, along with his opposition to successful Republican candidates in the recent primary, Mr. Matheny has proven to be on the wrong side of even his own Party’s direction in this election. This clearly shows that Judd Matheny is seeking personal political gain instead of devoting his time to the pressing issues of this district. I am actually a little surprised that Mr. Matheny would turn his back on his own Party’s leadership.
From all accounts, Speaker Harwell has been a fair, highly respected, and responsible leader. As the new representative for District 47, I would support Speaker Harwell’s re-election as Speaker of the House if Republicans maintain the majority. I believe voters are tired of political bickering. They want a representative to attend to the true needs of
their district without wasting time and energy on personal political aspirations that clearly are not wanted by Party leaders or by the voters of our district.

3 thoughts on “Matheny’s Opponent Promises to Support Harwell for Speaker

  1. Eric Holcombe

    “…then return to my classroom.”
    Ahem, that’s “clearly”, as you say, the people of the 47th District’s classroom. After all, they paid for it. Sounds like you may be pursuing personal occupational aspirations. One might even call it “extremely presumptuous” that you can have “your” classroom back.
    Which teacher do you plan to displace? Wouldn’t that be “their” classroom?

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