Maggart: Yes, the Gun Group Negative Ads Beat Me

Leading House Republican Rep. Debra Maggart hasn’t decided whether she’ll make another go if it in 2014 following her recent GOP primary defeat in Sumner County, according to TNReport.
The Hendersonville Republican blamed her loss on the National Rifle Federation and the Tennessee Firearms Association which “dumped over $150,000” worth of political ads into the race, she said.
“To tell the people of my district over and over and over that I am for gun control, which is a total lie, was very effective. People say they don’t like negative campaigning, but negative campaigning works,” she said following a roundtable discussion between Gov. Bill Haslam, legislators and business and education officials about improving higher education while at Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville Tuesday.
A review of contributions by political action committees indicated the NRA and TFA collectively injected $102,000 into the race.
Maggart’s opponent, Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers, enjoyed a 57 percent favorable vote to Maggart’s 43 percent to defeat the incumbent in the Aug. 2 Republican primary election. Rogers now goes on to compete with Democrat Jeanette Jackson in the general.

2 thoughts on “Maggart: Yes, the Gun Group Negative Ads Beat Me

  1. Saul

    Which one is it from the NRA?
    First it was $75,000, then $100,000 then back to $75,000, now up to $150,000, then back to $102,000 (the latter at the end of the article)
    Maggart’s May fund raiser proudly proclaimed these $2500 sponsors:
    • Adams & Reese LLP
    • AT&T
    • Bivens & Associates
    • FedEx
    • Farrar & Bates LLP
    • Lyell Law Firm
    • Farris Mathews Branan Bobango, PLC
    • Johnson Poss Government Relations
    • Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
    • McMahan Winstead
    • RobinsonGreen LLC
    • Students First
    • TN Bankers Association
    • TN Business Roundtable
    • TN Medical Association
    • TN Chamber of Commerce
    • Comcast
    • TN Health Care Association
    • TN Hospital Association
    • TN Retail Association
    • Smith Harris & Carr
    Also stumping for Maggart was;• Gov. Bill Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey,House Speaker Beth Harwell.
    Other supporters were;
    Republican Majority Leader Gerald Mccormick
    Senate Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron.
    Wow… “trial lawyers and “big businesses” Comcast, At&t, Fed Ex…
    Debra was out of touch with the people of the 45th, grass roots and boots on the ground defeated Maggart.
    “The Second Amendment wasn’t written so you could own a gun – it was written so you could own a gun IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FREEDOM.
    Allowing gun owners to store their guns in their cars in their employer’s parking lot is a matter of prioritizing the right of the individual to protect their own life above the property rights of the employer. When it comes to balancing rights, the right to life is more import than property rights – for, if you have no right to defend your life, no other rights matter”.
    – Bill Hobbs
    This is just the beginning.

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