Hooker Challenges Three Special Supremes

John Jay Hooker filed a motion on Tuesday in Davidson County Circuit Court asking Gov. Bill Haslam to disqualify three former members of the state Supreme Court whom the governor appointed to a panel to hear Hooker’s case, reports The Tennessean.
Hooker, a spirited octogenarian attorney, has long assailed how state appellate judges are chosen. He holds that they should be elected by voters, not appointed, and says the state’s Constitution backs him up. The governor recently appointed a special panel to hear Hooker’s case after all the current Tennessee Supreme Court justices recused themselves from taking up the issue.
The appointees are former Tennessee Supreme Court justices, which, according to Hooker, means that “their impartiality might be reasonably questioned.”
Hooker, who has run for governor twice, wrote that the governor’s panel appointments “embarrassed the judicial system.”

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