On Middle TN Money and the Defeat of an East TN Republican

Veteran state Rep. Dale Ford, R-Jonesborough, was defeated in his bid for reelection by Micah Van Huss, a first-time candidate who owes much of his campaign success to a generous benefactor in Middle Tennessee, says Robert Houk.
How could a political newcomer like Van Huss pull off such a win? The answer is easy — money. And not his own. A report in The Tennessee Journal (a weekly newsletter dedicated to Tennessee politics and business) noted that Andrew Miller, a Nashville businessman, was “financing independent radio attacks on state Sen. Doug Overbey, and Reps. Charles Sargent, Debra Maggart and Dale Ford in their Republican primaries.”
…Miller’s direct involvement in the 6th District race troubles some Washington County Republicans. One asked, “Why in the world would someone in Middle Tennessee care about who we send to Nashville?”
Several local government officials also told me they were disappointed to see Ford lose his seat in the House because they considered him to be their go-to guy in Nashville. That’s not something they say of Hill.
Republicans eating their own is certainly not new, at least not in Northeast Tennessee. Ford’s defeat reminds more than a few local politicos of the 2004 GOP primary that saw Hill knock off incumbent Rep. Bob Patton, R-Johnson City. Hill was aided in that race by a series of attack ads funded by individuals who lived outside the 7th District.

2 thoughts on “On Middle TN Money and the Defeat of an East TN Republican

  1. govskeptic

    The main thing for this story that the money
    came from Tn. not some outside corporation wanting access. The Republican Party of Tn
    is no longer obligated to the Baker/Alexander
    party that comprised everything to the opposition, and only took care of themselves and a few selected friends. These majorities
    came through hard work of individuals including
    those with “Tea Party” ideas which did not depend on Party Lords to select them. That’s great.

  2. haha

    Whats funny is Dale Ford got most of his money from Nashville as well. It was only something like 90% of contributions that was from Nashville. So it seems a lot of people from Nashville care about East Tennessee.

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