Disavowed Candidate Clayton Takes a Shot at Democrats

Mark Clayton’s victory in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary and his subsequent disavowal by party headquarters because of reported “hate group” inclinations has inspired considerable commentary, most from Democrats perhaps best summarized in this line from Trace Sharp:
Oh, Tennessee, we just haven’t given The Daily Show and the Colbert Report enough fodder recently, have we, so we had to do it again. Sigh..
See also, Larry Crim’s idea of having another primary so he will be first on the ballot. And Southern Beale observes: Clayton wasn’t the only wackadoodle on the list.
The Tennessean, meanwhile, has comments from Clayton himself as part of a story on Democratic party disarray.
Some of Clayton’s views do make him sound like a tea party conservative — and a paranoid one, at that. He calls himself a constitutionalist and a “Committed Christian and a Proud Patriot.” He writes about his fears of America turning into an “ORWELLIAN SUPER STATE,” elements of which include a federal mandate forcing Tennessee to turn “all driver’s licenses into National ID cards with a secret electronic tag inside.”
In other words, he’s a long way from former Vice President Al Gore and the late Gov. Ned Ray McWherter.
But Clayton said he shouldn’t be pigeonholed politically. He described himself as a social conservative with strong views against abortion and same-sex marriage. But he said he was “actively against” the last Republican president, George W. Bush, who supported the “liberalization” of global trade and “took us to war in Iraq without a cause and under a false premise.”
For that reason, “it’s hard for me to embrace the word ‘conservative’ as a candidate,” Clayton said. He said he reads the work of “leftist” scholars like William Greider as well as conservatives like William Gill.
“A lot of the people I’m going to be around would never vote for Republicans because they look out for big business only at the expense of the working person,” he said.
He also took a shot at state Democratic Party officials, saying he’s more in touch with voters than they are.
“I’ve knocked on more doors than I bet anyone at Democratic headquarters has.”

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