Candidate Crim Wants Redo of Democrats’ U.S. Senate Primary

(Note: If Clayton were off the ballot, Larry Crim would be at the top in alphabetical order. His proposal here amounts to calling a statewide special election — with, I think, the state party required to cover the cost — and likely won’t get much further than the news release phase. Here is the news release.)
News release from Larry Crim campaign:
Larry Crim, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Tennessee’s August 2nd Primary, learned on Friday August 3rd that an unknown hate group leader Mark Clayton, who sneaked in as a democratic candidate on the ballot ahead of Crim, had hoodwinked the democratic party and voters taking the votes from top of the ballot positioning away from Crim and other bona fide Tennessee Democrats.
The democratic party’s discovery of the CLAYTON hate group association and his lack of democratic credentials was not until Clayton perpetrated a fraud on the party and voters by garnering top of ballot positioning and most votes on Thursday August 2, 2012.
The Tennessee Democratic Party has now said Clayton won exclusively because of being at the top of the ballot and has disavowed any association with Clayton because he is not a democrat and is an officer of a known
hate group.
Based on that premise, the Larry Crim U.S. Senate campaign maintains Mr. Crim, who conducted a grass roots campaign mostly in Memphis and Nashville where he won more than any other candidate except Clayton, would have been the Democratic Elected Nominee on August 2nd since Crim would have also garnered the votes by topping the ballot but for Clayton’s fraudulent acts which caused Clayton’s name to be listed ahead of Crim.
Mr. Crim said: “The Tennessee Democratic Party has rightfully disavowed any and all association with Mr. Clayton, who is an officer and pawn of this extremist group seeking to infiltrate and dominate the democratic political
processes through such skullduggery in which Clayton and his group have engaged.”
Although all “bona fide democratic candidates were affected by Clayton’s actions”, said Crim, “our candidacy was especially impacted because the name of ‘Crim’ would have topped the ballot and reasonably garnered the nomination had this Clayton fraud not been on the ballot”.

Crim for Senate press secretary Roy Dale said: “The Crim Democrat for United States Senate campaign is deeply disturbed by the sequence of events which have transpired since August 2. As a result we are reviewing immediate steps to take in conjunction with the Tennessee Democratic Party, Tennessee Election
Commission and any other appropriate avenues to request a new Democratic Primary in which Clayton’s name is excluded and only the names of the bona fide democrats listed” concluded Dale.
“Our campaign is going to take immediate action” said Larry Crim “to address this important matter at the earliest possible time as a democratic candidate for United States Senate, for the party, and for all Tennesseans” said Larry Crim.
Larry Crim (D) for U.S. Senate focused his grass roots campaign in the two largest counties in Tennessee Shelby County where he was assisted by elected democratic members of the Tennessee General Assembly and
Davidson County, his home town, helped by members of the Metro Nashville Council. The vote count for Crim in those areas topped all other democratic candidates except for Clayton. Crim also campaigned to some extent in
Middle Tennessee, rural West, and East Tennessee.
“It was clear that our hard grass roots work in two key Shelby County and Davidson County areas” said Roy Dale, press secretary for Crim, “plus the top of ballot positioning, to which Mr. Crim was rightfully entitled, would have been sufficient for Crim to win the Democratic Nomination on August 2 2012 but for the fraudulent acts of Clayton” concluded Crim media aide Roy Dale. Mr. Crim holds a Master of Public Administration degree from The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University, M.A. Major Psychology from MTSU, is Executive Chair of Christian Counseling Centers of America, Inc. a faith based initiative delivering affordable mental health care, and is Chair of Democrats for Equal Educational Opportunity.

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  1. CJay

    There is a grassroots, back to the Constitution, epidemic that is threatening to take control of the Republican Party. Could the same thing be happening with the Democratic Party??

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