A Bipartisan Campaign Ad (well, kinda, sorta)

A hint of bi-partisanship has emerged in one Tennessee congressional race, reports WPLN – albeit unspoken. Rep. Diane Black’s latest campaign ad refers to legislation introduced by a neighboring Democrat.
Walking toward the camera on a factory floor, Rep. Black of Gallatin describes her frustration at Congress for not passing a budget in three years.
“I argued. I begged. I even got mad. Now I’ve found the answer – cut their pay.”
The first-term Republican says her plan would cut the pay of lawmakers when they miss budget deadlines.
“Her plan” was originally introduced by Nashville Congressman Jim Cooper as the “No Budget, No Pay Act.” Black is now a co-sponsor, and Cooper is nothing but complimentary of his Republican colleague.
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”
A spokesperson from Black’s campaign says “she’ll work with whomever” wants to balance the federal budget. Cooper says if more Republicans get behind his plan, it might actually have a chance of passing.

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