Black Campaign: Lou Ann Zelenik ‘Crazy If She Thinks’ Tax Hikes Ignored

News release from Diane Black campaign:
GALLATIN, TN — With only 15 days until the primary election, Lou Ann Zelenik is trailing badly in the polls, fundraising and grassroots support. As her desperation grows so do the false negative attacks on Black. Perhaps the increase in false attacks is Zelenik’s attempt to divert scrutiny from her own record of supporting tax increases.
“While Diane Black and her fellow conservatives are waging a battle to stop President Obama from raising taxes on all Americans and pushing our economy over a cliff; at home in Tennessee Lou Ann Zelenik is waging her own war in false attacks on Diane Black to divert attention from the fact that she has a record of supporting tax increases,” said Black spokesman Jennifer Baker. “One thing is certain Lou Ann Zelenik is crazy if she thinks people will ignore her record of supporting tax increases. She’s definitely not as conservative as she would like people to believe.”
Zelenik who has run for office three previous times has a shameful record as a career politician. She ran for State Senate and failed. She then ran for County Chairman and won, only to support tax increases during her tenure. Zelenik then ran for Congress and lost. Zelenik’s last failed campaign for Congress was one of the dirtiest campaigns in Tennessee history. The attacks she launched on her opponent, Diane Black, were so false that Zelenik’s advertising team settled out of court; paying a monetary settlement and admitting that the negative attack ads they produced for Lou Ann Zelenick had no factual basis and they had no knowledge of any unethical behavior.
“Lou Ann’s Zelenik’s record as a career politician is shameful. Not only does Zelenik have a record of supporting tax increases; she is a two time loser who has stooped so low in the lies that she spreads about her opponents that her campaign team was forced to settle out of court and admit that the attacks were baseless and to their knowledge false.
Lou Ann Zelenik Defended Property Tax Increases In Rutherford County:
Lou Ann Zelenik Publicly Supported Property Tax Increase In Rutherford County. “Although the mayor has called for freezing open government jobs and pay raises and streamlining health insurance costs, Burgess recommended a 6.8 percent property tax increase this year at a time when sales and development taxes are down and rainy-day funds are down to minimum levels. The County Commission approved a 17.5-cent increase for a new property tax rate of $2.735 per $100 of assessed value. Zelenik, though, said Burgess made the right decisions.” (“Ballot battles already forming,” The Daily News Journal, 7/20/09)
Zelenik Defended Tax Increases As “Difficult Choices.” “Zelenik said Burgess has faced funding issues for a growing county, especially to pay for school construction. ‘He’s been put in a position of trying to respond to the needs of the students and the needs of the taxpayers, and sometimes difficult choices have to be made,’ she said.” (“Ballot battles already forming,” The Daily News Journal, 7/20/09)

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