A Partisan Difference of Opinion Over the June Unemployment Rate

Statements from Tennessee’s two political party chairmen indicate a bit of partisan difference over who to criticize about the June unemployment rate, which was 8.1 percent in Tennessee and 8.2 percent nationally.
This statement was sent to media by state Republican Chairman Chris Devaney:
“Today’s jobs report shows that we remain in an economic drought and it’s clear that Obama’s destructive policies have failed to provide much-needed relief for so many families. As President Obama’s first term winds down, the choice becomes more clear – either month after month of 8 percent or higher unemployment with President Obama or a real jobs plan with Mitt Romeny that will get people back to work.”
This statement was sent to media by state Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester:
“June’s unemployment increase is further proof that Tennessee’s economy is suffering because the majority party failed to focus on jobs and failed to protect the middle class. Instead they prioritized rewarding their special interest campaign donors and wasted our time and money arguing extreme legislation that hurts our families.
“After two years of complete Republican control — wages are falling, fewer people are earning paychecks than just a few months ago, and more people are giving up their search for a quality job. We’ve seen enough do-nothing leadership in Tennessee, and it’s time for a new path forward.”

For some context, it should be noted that Devaney’s release was sent after announcement of the national rate; Forrester’s after announcement of the Tennessee rate.

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